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Acuflo D-600-XXX

User Selectable Customized Specifications

Option R1 : 0 to 60 rpm, reversible
Option R2: 1 to 200 rpm, reversible
Option R3: 1 to 300 rpm, reversible
Option R4 : 50 to 600 rpm, reversible
Precision: ‡0.1 RPM or + 1 RPM
flow rate range
Option A : 0.1 to 42 ml / min
Option B : 1 to 120 ml / min
Option C: 5 to 330ml / min
Option D : 50 to 2200 ml / min
Set point control: keys Or touch Panel
Start/stop and ew/cew control
Option 1 : Rs232/USB
Option 1 : RS 485/ MODBUS
Option 1 : 4 to 20mA/ 0-5V
Applicable pump heads: Hf317 Mf1515
•Custom fittings for inlet and outlet
•Custom rotor with required resolution
•Custom motor to pump interface for customer
•Custom packaging connection
•Custom outlet valve or nozzle
Custom power source 12v, 24v, 48v, 110v or 220v
Operating condition: Temperature O to 45° C
Relative humidity < 80%
Dimensions : (Lx W × H): 275 mm × 300 mmx 165 mm

Acuflo D-600-XXX

Acuflo D600-XXX is a high performance, fully User Custom built variable speed precision metering peristaltic pump drive which delivers consistent and repeatable flow rates. The pump can be customized for flow rates , Precision or Operating voltage & communication interface. The pump utilizes high torque Geared or direct drive BLDC/DC motor Drive. The user Interface front control panel has speed control, direction control.


Fluids sampling or testing Laboratory Industrial /process Precise dosing in biotech & pharmaceutical Dispensing and filling fluids Other fluids transfer