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MREA-4K is solid state magnetic Acceleration sensor, enclosed into the solid Carbon enforced housing to achieve the highest IP ratings, high EMC immunity, with extended operating temperature range and has best possible shock n vibration resistance, The encoder engine is based on New advancements in magnetic encoding technology allows to captures the real time positional and acceleration information to calculate speed Patterns, absolute angular measurement designed on contactless magnetic sensor technology. This device fits perfectly for on-axis applications (Shaft), MREA processing interface controller provides connectivity to computer with digital value on the serial interface (SSI) & (Computing device / SCADA ) for further analysis and result generation.
MREA-4K Specifically designed and certified for use with CSSES*, which can capture the sewing process characteristics in real time while the machine is running. It can be attached to any industrial sewing machine easily.

Magnetic Rotary Encoder based Speed/Accelerometer (MREA)

Patent Pending
NIFT Patent No.201811000394




Sensor Contactless Absolute angle & acceleration measurement
RPM Range: 0.1 to 30000 RPM
Precision: 0. 1 RPM & 0.09 degree
Max Acceleration: 300 rad/s2
Set point & Control: Start/Stop
Display LED function indication
Functions : User programmable Sampling rate Remote and local control
Digital interface: USB 2.0 Port
Communication Proprietary Protocol
Power Fail Recovery: Auto Restart & Auto Resume
Bearing : Oversized Bearings for 3x the Life
Max Shock in g: 200g
Max Vibration in g : 20g for Harsh Environments
Immunity : Immune to external magnetic stray fields
Power supply: 5V DC 100mA
Power consumption: < 1 W
Operating condition: –40ºC to 100ºC Temperature Range
Relative humidity: < 85% Non condensing
Drive weight: 220gm
IP rating: IP 68
Dimensions (D x W × H): 50 mm × 35 mm× 240 mm