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Photoperiod & irradiance control system for Photosynthetic SSL lamps

PBCON-24T-700-4 is fully automatic real time controller for
SSL lamp irradiance and photo period Control, the controller
has user programmable four independent channel to control
irradiance and photo period, with each channel having ten
user programmable time zone and intensity zones the
controller allows real time light intensity control 0% to 100%
with dimming step of 1% and allowing variable length day
lengths minimum of 1 second (irradiance and photo period
activity). The controller has built in real-time clock, 24V
power source for Solid State Lamp with user interface consist
of feather touch keys and 20×4 LCD with backlit display, auto
resume after power fail and communication interface (USB)
for SCADA Applications. The controllers can support
maximum four irradiance Modules with power up to 850
PPFD (uMol /m2/s ) and the Supported wavelengths are
430, 450, 540, 570, 630, 660nm, Lime (475-600nm) & FAR Red
735nm, 4700K/5700K/6500K White and True new Sun a Like
light Spectrum Lamp.

-PBCON Controller has Four independent Real time
user programmable light channels allowing true
mixing of various light wavelength spectrums.
-PBCON has user programmable ten different
Independent intensity zones (0%-100% ) with photo
period each up-to (99 hours 59 minutes and 59
seconds) for each Channel .
-User selectable light mode intensity or uMol /m2/s.
-Allows control in digital / analog domain.
-Built-in Real time clock (RTC) for synchronization
and control.
-Controls allows Excellent wavelength stability over
time, Consistent with high – reliability.
-Operating modes : Stand – alone mode & Remote
mode (SCADA software).
-Includes data acquisition and control pc software
-Built in thermal management and protections
-Auto resume after power fail
-Built in 24 V DC 28Amp Power source
-Ingress Enclosure protection IP-65
-Dimensions : 435mm x 235mm 154mm
-Weight : 5.5kg

-Photosynthesizing organisms (plants, algae, bacteria)
-Seed germination
-Growth Chambers
-Tissue Culture / Green House
-Photo Bio-Reactor
-Indoor Hydroponic /Aquaponic/Aeroponic plant grow
-Indoor Organic Plant/Herbs –Grow Green House -Supplement lights
-Vertical Farming
-Scientific experimental plant lights