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Plant Grow Rack

future lighting for plant growth
The future lighting for plant  growth, Innovative solid state plant growth illumination with Full spectrum, imitating natural sunlight as closely as possible by emitting lighting every spectral range specifically wavelengths close to chlorophyll’s absorption peaks, without NDIR and ultraviolet spectrum components providing up to 85%  of usable irradiance to plants


SSL (Solid state lamps) plant light has some very unique characteristics useful for plant & Photosynthesizing organisms growth applications by emitting the peak spectral distribution of light in the wavelengths region of 440-500NM and 630-700NM and other bands up to 18%, these bands are critical for plant growth has they fall within the Photo-synthetically Active Radiation, PAR, (400-700) without NDIR and ultraviolet spectrum components, Which plants primarily use for this critical biological process and also favourable for confined applications such as micro-propagation. Another useful characteristic is long use full life about 50,000 hours and the high-energy conversion efficiency, substantially cooler than other light sources and save energy by using less ventilation and cooling needs for growing plants in culture room, and provides new opportunities for enhancing growth of several hard to grow plants or photo-synthetic plants / organisms that require a specific range of light-spectrum with Irradiance and and photosynthesizing organisms. and photoperiodic controlled manner


  • Photosynthesizing organisms (plants, algae, bacteria)
  • Seed germination
  • Tissue culture
  • Green House
  • Photo Bio-Reactor


  • Rack has five isolated selves, and built in castor wheels
  • Each shelf has 250 / 350Watt of SSL module.
  • Light intensities up to 350 / 840 (mol m–2s–1) @ 152mm
  • Individual Dimmable &  cascadable Driver  for each Shelf.
  • Chrono digital timer allows controlling and programming of real time Photo period
  • Enclosure protection IP65¨NO UV or IR Radiation &Great performance in low Temp.
  • Long lifetime (50,000 hrs) & good lumen maintenance
  • Excellent wavelength stability over time, Consistent & high-reliability
  • 24 DC voltage operation having more than 92% efficiency with no EMI radiation.
  • Directional light output & Even distribution of light over the target application area, Angle (2 θ 1/2): 120°,60°,30°,15°
  • Environment friendly and Shock / vibration resistant
  • Photo-synthetically Active Radiation, PAR, (400-700), and Ideal for plant growth, to achieve better efficiency in the response of plants
  • Optional available wavelengths 540nm, 570nm, 660nm &730nm
  • Usable wavelength blue (440/470nm) and red (630nm/660nm) for plant growth
  • User adjustable light intensities form 0 to 100%